What’s Next For QuestCare?

At the beginning of this year, our Board and Director anticipated that 2017 would be the year we approached maxing out our facility’s impact on patient volumes. As we round out the year, we’re seeing that to be true. This year we have added clinical hours on Saturdays, additional provider coverage throughout the week, and expanded our ministry reach with additional trainings, programming, and resources.

The natural question becomes, what’s next?  We are excited to share…check out this video:

That’s right, in the spring of 2018 we will be launching a second clinic, this time heading north to Plano, Texas!



We are so excited for the opportunity the Lord has put before us to expand our reach to Plano! As you consider jumping in with us, here are the details of where we’re headed.


Why Plano?

While many might think of Plano as an area of corporate growth and beautiful suburban homes, the reality is that there is a pocket of need there, just like we see in our current location in East Dallas. A unique need in Plano, however, is that unlike Dallas County there are limited low-cost or no-cost services in Collin County.

In the area we’re looking to place the clinic, the City of Plano estimates that between 50-70% of the population is living on a low to moderate income.

According to THR’s Community Health Need’s Assessment, the top ten community health needs of their service area in Collin County includes limited access to health services. Furthermore, they’ve identified that the most negatively impacted populations are low-income, the homeless, and the uninsured. The way our clinic is designed, these populations would be able to get immediate access to urgent health care services and pointed to resources that help them take their next steps!

Our clinic model has specifically been set up to depend on volunteer support through the local church, as well as providing spiritual and emotional resources through a local church body. With Watermark Community Church as one of our founding partners, growing our second location in proximity to their satellite campus in Plano was a clear and simple next step.

That reality of an available strong local church partnership, paired with the need mentioned above, made Plano a clear next step!


What will it take?

We are currently working on building out our team for architecture, construction, and vendors. Based on the construction of our current clinic we estimate that construction costs will end up being around $350,000-$400,000.

Our first year of operating costs should be around $225,000.

UPDATE: We have some big news! For North Texas Giving Day, God used YOU to successfully raise $222,605 towards the first years operating costs for our second location. We are so thankful! 


Who’s helping make it happen?

Just like our Skillman location, adding a clinic in Plano has been a combined effort between local medical professionals, the local church, city government officials, and local community advocates. As we’ve started the plans for this clinic, leaders and representatives from the following organizations have weighed in with their input on location and operations.

  • Watermark Community Church: Plano Campus (founding partner)
  • QuestCare Partners (founding partner)
  • Medical City Plano
  • Presbyterian Hospital Plano (Outreach Department)
  • City of Plano (Neighborhood Services Department)

All that to say, we’re looking to our local partners to help direct how this clinic will run! You can partner with us in confidence, knowing that we’ve got the right people joining us in conversations of how to launch well.


Where are we looking?

In Plano, the areas of need are concentrated in the 75074, 75080, 75252, 75075, and 75287 zip codes. All are adjacent to the 75/Parker intersection. We currently have a location that we’re working with to sign a lease in the 75075 zip code and look forward to sharing formally where we’ll be when all the details have been finalized!