Care you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

Daily, we see men and women who haven’t been to a doctor in years (or ever). We end up not only treating their urgent needs, but referring them to programs and doctors elsewhere who can take care of their ongoing or specialist needs.

One client came to our clinic recently out of prison and was brought in by a loved one who thought his health seemed questionable. While the man was within our four walls, he was seen not only by a physician that specializes in internal medicine but also by a dentist.

Our dentist went in first. After consulting with the man on his healthcare-related needs, he also walked him through the “Bridge Illustration” (an evangelism tool) and pointed him to scripture that explained who Jesus is and what He offers us.

After he left, our doctor went in and found the patient reading one of the Bibles we make readily available in each room. Our doctor talked to the man briefly about scripture and its importance, then encouraged him to start his Bible reading in John.

“Hey!” our patient replied. “That’s what the other guy said!”

Because of what life had dealt (and consequences for the decisions he’d made), this man had not been seen by a doctor in years. And a dentist? Probably never. But while he was here, we were able to make healthcare accessible to him, treat his urgent needs, and refer him elsewhere for ongoing treatment.

But more than that, we don’t only make healthcare accessible, but also the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We aim to treat the entire human with compassion – relationally, not as a “transaction.” This means we dare to ask our patients how else we can help them, often leading to a place of evangelism, prayer, and connections to Watermark ministries to receive ongoing care and spiritual growth.