During the end of 2017 our volunteer team is focusing in on our core values which make up the acronym CARED. You can read more about our mission, vision, and values on the “about us” part of our website, but for today we want to focus in on our second value (the one we’re highlighting for September).

How do we show ACCESSIBILITY to our patients?

First, we need to explain what we’re trying to make accessible. It’s easy, 2 things:

  1. Healthcare
  2. The gospel
It might be easy to list them, but how do we actually make those two things accessible to our patients?

First, we’ve intentionally made our clinic really easy to get in to. We do not require an appointment, ID, insurance, zip code limitations, or proof of income requirements. Essentially, if our doors are open when a patient arrives, we’ll help them get to their next step. For many, that’s the urgent care services we offer on site. For others, it might be one of our many referrals, some of which are listed here. If a patient needs care for something we can’t do on site, we at least try to point them to other low cost resources.

Healthcare can be a scary thing to navigate for those without insurance. We want to do our best to make it an accessible place for those needed care to find their next steps!

Second, we do our best to share the gospel in a winsome and relatable way. At it’s core, the message of the bible is already an incredibly accessible one. Sometimes though, the world will twist the message of scripture to make it seem like you have to clean yourself up or do certain works before you can be loved by God and follow Jesus. The bible says the exact opposite. While we were still sinners Christ died for us. As we share with patients we get to share that incredibly accessible message about a God that loves them right there in that very moment, and they have to do nothing other than understand and accept that. Once they choose to follow Him is when our lives start to look different, and the good news is HE takes care of that too! We just have to be willing to listen and follow. We aim to share this good news in ways that make sense to our patients. This means navigating socioeconomic, cultural, lingual, and whatever other man-made barriers might exist!

So how does that tangibly play out during patient visits?
  1. Even if a patient comes for something we can’t treat on site, we do our best to help them find their next step medically with our extensive list of resources.
  2. Over the phone we do our best to share directions, hours, contact info, and if necessary resources for other locations.
  3. We utilize Spanish on site and a translation line to help see men and women from all over the world that might not be able to typically communicate their needs.
  4. Our providers and medical staff take the time to explain medically what’s going on and make sure our patients understand the diagnosis and treatment we’re offering.
  5. We do our best to write prescriptions off of the $4 generic list, and if we have to vary off of it, we do our best to find coupons and discounts that will make it affordable for our patients.
  6. We always ask if patients have any more questions before we end the visit!
  7. We have a variety of resources on site that help share the gospel that we give away freely. From bibles to counseling resources!
  8. This includes bibles in 7 different languages and other print resources in even more!
  9. While having conversations with patients we listen for ministries and other programs we might be able to suggest as follow up steps for their specific areas of need.
  10. We connect patients to individuals that are willing to follow up with them over the phone, for coffee, or at the church to help get them connected to the ministries they need!