How you can help


Just like our Skillman location, adding a clinic in Plano has been a combined effort between local medical professionals, the local church, city government officials, and local community advocates. YOU can be a part of that journey as well! The list below includes a list of needs we’re still looking to meet to make the clinic and mission possible!


Remaining Needs to open Watermark Urgent Care

  • We are still looking to hire a full time x-ray technician. Job listed here. Email your resume to

Specific and Strategic Volunteer Opportunities with Watermark Urgent Care

  • You can start serving with us NOW at our Skillman location and be the first wave of volunteers to help us launch. You can find a list of our opportunities to serve here and the process to get started is listed here.
  • Website development/graphic design volunteers. Contact us at for more info.
  • Photography and video services. Contact us at for more info.
  • You can see a list of donation items we can take here. We can start collecting them for our current clinic and Plano now!

Launch Team

As we’ve started the plans for this clinic, leaders and representatives from the following organizations have weighed in with their input on location and operations. We are thankful that this is a team effort to make the ministry possible!

  • Watermark Community Church: Plano Campus (founding partner)
  • QuestCare Partners (founding partner)
  • Medical City Plano
  • Presbyterian Hospital Plano (Outreach Department)
  • City of Plano (Neighborhood Services Department)

These partners are helping to direct and determine how the clinic will run! You can partner with us in confidence, knowing that we’ve got the right people joining us in conversations of how to launch and open well.