2017 in Review: Amy’s Story

When Amy first signed up to volunteer at QuestCare she was excited to use her medical experience and nursing skills to serve. But, she never thought she would be incorporating her faith. “I’ll do the nursing,” she remembers thinking. “The other volunteers here can handle the spiritual conversations.”

As Amy started serving alongside other medical professionals who were modeling what it looked like to share their faith, she began to be challenged in her way of thinking. That, along with training she received in preparation for a clinic trip to Haiti, helped equip her to articulate the faith she had not known how to share in her past.

One day while serving on site, she was challenged by another volunteer to put what she had been learning into practice by engaging spiritually in a patient room. Despite being nervous, Amy obliged. The first time she initiated a spiritual conversation her patient quickly responded and was relieved to have a compassionate listener as they opened up about the hardships they had faced. Amy got to encourage her with the truth of who God is, how He is there in the midst of our suffering, and that He wants to walk closely with us. The two prayed together as they wrapped up the visit.

Amy was amazed at how simple it was to transition conversations and how willing and thankful her patients were that she had taken the time to discuss spiritual things. Something that seemed daunting before was now doable!

Amy continues to practice sharing her faith and it is now a normal part of her life, not only in the clinic but at work, on planes, and with friends. In 2017, Amy began serving on our leadership team and in that role trains other volunteers on how to share their faith as well. She also now signs up to serve in the  pastoral care role as well as in the nursing ones.

One study indicates that 94% of patients desire that their medical staff would discuss spiritual things with them, but a majority of Christian healthcare workers feel intimidated or ill-equipped to share their faith.  Within our four walls, medical professionals are learning how to not only live out their faith through acts of service but how to articulate the reason why they do what they do.


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2017 in Review: Milagro’s Story

Milagro was nervous to walk in our doors. As a Venezuelan immigrant, she knew that being sick could mean big expenses and put her family in debt. But as she took in our clean facilities, professional staff, and welcoming environment her nerves began to calm.

During her visit she met one of our providers, Ryan. After the medical part of the visit Ryan introduced Milagro to Jennifer, a pastoral care volunteer serving that day. Jennifer had also immigrated from Venezuela to the United States and the two connected quickly. Some of Milagro’s fears came up as they talked and Jennifer got to point Milagro to scripture during the visit, encouraging her to read the book of John to better understand who Jesus was. The two prayed together over Milagro’s fears and Jennifer promised to follow up with Milagro via our clinic connecting team to see how she was doing.

As that friendship continued to grow, Milagro one day called Jennifer and asked to meet. She had been reading in her Bible and had a question. “If Jesus died for our sins and it’s a free gift, why have I been working so hard?”

Milagro had come from a cultural background that told her the harder she worked the more God approved of her. She had believed she could earn her way to heaven via good works. Jennifer clarified the freeing message of the Bible, specifically referencing Ephesians 2:8-9 that Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins was a free gift we only need accept. The good works  we do are an overflow of His love, not an attempt to earn His love. For the first time, Milagro understood the freedom of the Gospel.

Because of the ongoing relationship built through the clinic connecting team, Milagro now knows Jesus and has begun attending a Bible-believing church. When asked about the change she has experienced since that first time at the clinic, she speaks of the fear that marked her when she walked in. “My new faith has removed the fear I used to have. I now know that no matter what hardship life’s circumstances bring, God will provide for me and I only need to trust him.”


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2017 in Review: Shuja’s Story

Two months after his first visit to the clinic, Shuja walked through our doors for a second time. As our front desk greeted him and asked how we could serve him, he looked beyond them into the area our nurses sit and pointed avidly. “Her!” He exclaimed. “I need to talk to her! I have something to tell her!”  Shuja was referring to Paige, our charge nurse and Operations Manager. At his first visit to our clinic the two of them had a chance to talk about more than medicine and he wanted to revisit the conversation.

Shuja is the son of an Imam and grew up in a country that does not allow men or women to convert from Islam. But early on, he developed frustrations with his family’s faith. He did not like how followers of Mohammed treated women and saw the hurt those who follow the Quran cause. As a teen, he became vocal about his grievances and it cost him. At the age of 19 he was thrown in jail for his statements.

After three weeks in jail, Shuja was allowed to leave and soon fled the country on refugee status. His journey through Turkey, the Pacific Northwest, and Amarillo finally landed him in Dallas. As a student at Richland College, a school nurse referred him to QuestCare to help with his cold.


At his first visit, Paige and Shuja became fast friends. A spiritual conversation began and they talked about Jesus and His Good News as Paige drew the bridge illustration on the table paper in the exam room. During that visit, Shuja knew he had heard the truth, and was drawn to the message Paige was sharing but wanted to learn more before responding. He chose to leave with a New Testament in hand and a promise to keep investigating.

When he walked back in our building that second time ,he had kept his promise. He was excited to share with our staff and volunteers that he had continued to research the Christian faith after leaving his first visit. Not only had he finished the New Testament, but had also read the entire Old Testament and had gotten more books about Christianity on his own. As he sat with Paige that second time, his research had left him one conclusion.

“It’s Jesus,” he said. “It has to be Jesus.”

Shuja asked if he needed to get dressed up and go to church to formally convert to follow the God he had come to know through the New Testament. Paige explained Romans 10:9-10 and told Shuja that responding to Jesus’ message was possible no matter what he was wearing or where he was. So Shuja decided to pray to receive Christ that day.

“I guess it’s fitting that I do that here.” He said. “This is where I met Jesus, after all.”

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2017 in Review: Our International Neighbors

One of our greatest joys has been how international the patient base for the clinic has become! In 2017, 56% of our patients were born outside of the United States, an increase from 51% in 2016. In total, the clinic has seen men and women from 118 different countries. As we meet patients from any new country, we invite them to add a pin to our map as they proudly represent the country they’re from.

After the United States and Mexico, the country we have seen the highest volume of patients from is Nigeria (in western Africa) and behind that is Burma (in Southeast Asia). On average, we see patients that speak 33 unique languages each month! Thank goodness for our translation services donated by Medical City!

Why do we celebrate these numbers reflecting the diversity of people we meet each day? All throughout scripture we can see God’s heart for the nations. Starting in Genesis He shares His desire to build a nation through Abraham so that they may be a blessing to all peoples of the world (Genesis 12:1-3). As God’s story continues through the scriptures we see Him working through Israel to bless the nations around them. God sends Prophets to remind Israel of this part of their calling when they store that blessing for themselves rather than sharing it with the rest of the world. When Jesus comes, some of the first moments in His ministry are spent reminding those around Him of God’s heart for the nations and desire for all to know Him (John 2:13-17 and Luke 4:14-30). And before ascending into Heaven, Jesus commissioned His followers to go and make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:16-20).

The scriptures make God’s heart for the world clear to us and because of that we are greatly overjoyed when men and women from around the world make their way through our doors. We see it as an opportunity to not only learn from their amazing stories and serve their acute care needs, but to share the love of Christ with them by the way we serve. God has a heart for the nations. If we are sharing His love in our building, it should not surprise us when the nations show up.

For stories of the multitudes we saw this year, continue to follow this blog series, or view our full 2017 in Review report here. Want to serve the people of the world in our clinic? Find out your next step here.

A Very QuestCare Christmas

This past weekend we gathered with our volunteers and staff (a team that has grown to be 170 people strong!!) to celebrate all that we saw God do at QuestCare in 2017 and to laugh together as we ring in the Christmas season. This team is what makes the clinic run. We COULD NOT do what we do without the body of Christ (our volunteers and staff) showing up every day to make it happen. They are an easy crew to celebrate, and we enjoyed getting to have a ton of fun doing just that!

Enjoy the pictures below on some of the fun we got to have!