North Texas Giving Day- 2017

Yesterday was North Texas Giving Day….and OH MAN did our supporters show up!

Prior to Giving Day, we announced our big news that we were headed to serve the residents of Collin County through a new clinic in Plano, coming in the spring of 2018! For Giving Day it was our goal to reach $75,075, which also happens to be our future zip code for our second location. This goal, plus funds already generously contributed by a group of donors, would allow us to meet the financial needs for one years worth of operating costs.

For the day of giving, we took over Watermark’s instagram stories to give an inside peek at what goes on at  our clinic. You can watch the compilation of those instagram stories by clicking the link below to see what happens behind the scenes to make our clinic run!

Here are also some photos we shared on instagram that day!





















At the end of Giving Day, we were thrilled to see that our generous group of supporters had helped us to meet and exceed our goal! By the end of the day, YOU helped us to raise


That, plus the amount previously contributed by our group of donors equals $222,605 for the total Giving Day push. THAT is enough to run our future clinic for an entire year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We could not make this place run without generous supporters and our team of volunteers. What a gift you are not just to our staff team here but to the members of this community who seek care and support here at our clinic. We are so grateful and hope as you read through the stories on this website and within this blog that you know that YOUR gift has made this possible.