Our Story


From day one our clinic has been a story of individuals raising their hand, volunteering their specialities, their time, or their finances to make a common goal happen inside our four walls.

The first example of that was from our founding partners, QuestCare Partners and Watermark Community Church.

In late 2012, the leadership of QuestCare found themselves brainstorming how to give back to the community from some of their business’ success. After discussing the possibility of a non-profit clinic, Dr. Matthew Bush, ER Physician and principal within QuestCare Partners, connected with leadership at his home church, Watermark Community Church to partner together on the endeavor.

“While the QuestCare team offers medical expertise, we did not know a lot about meeting needs in an underserved community,” said Dr. Matt Bush. “Watermark is the first organization we talked to about the Clinic and from there the partnership began.”

With the help of QuestCare’s leadership and Watermark’s church body, men and women through the church and community were quickly mobilized to make the clinic happen.

Real estate agents, city officials, and community leaders gave of their time to come together to select our current location at Skillman and LBJ. The 75243 zipcode – one of the most densely populated in Dallas became our home. This location was intentionally chosen to help serve the more than 90,000 people that live within the two-mile radius, 95 percent of whom are unchurched. The area has the fifth highest violent crime rate in the city and the nearest elementary school reports that 98% of their students are on food assistance programs . Due to the economically depressed nature of this neighborhood, the residents are largely uninsured and lack basic access to quality healthcare, many of them using the ER as their only healthcare resource.

Our facility was generously built out by architects, construction management firms, and vendors that because of their connection with Watermark and their desire for the shared mission donated of their time and services as well. In partnership with Medical City Dallas, a language line and an x-ray machine were donated. Countless others contributed their time, their connections, and their skills to our opening in September 2013.

Since then our story has continued and the impact of our partners has been multiplied through to a robust team of volunteers giving of their time to the clinic hours. On any given shift, there are up to 3 nurses, 2 pastoral care volunteers, 2 front desk volunteers, dentists, and providers serving to see our patients and ensure that the multitudes may be healed.